Registration / membership fee

Each member pays fees according to their financial capabilities based on the Table of Fees and required scope of access to IT infrastructure. Final amount of the membership fee will be sent to a candidate. The Executive Director may give members who regularly contribute to the activities of the Association, a discount on the selected type of membership fee at its own discretion.

Any legal or natural person have the right to become a supporter of the civil Association and provide in this case a gift of up to 10 Euros. If you would like to support the association in the amount of more than 1,500 Euros, a member must contact the Executive Director of the Association and agree specific membership conditions and the scope of providing access to IT infrastructure associations.

Membership fees of legal persons are governed by a separate agreement between civil society organizations and legal entity-member.

I hereby confirm my serious interest in becoming a member of CA "GIS", I have read and accepted the Statute of the Association and undertake to fulfill it. I also undertake to pay the membership fee in accordance with the Fee's Table of CA „ "General informatization society“ (.DOCX)

After submitting the application you will be contacted by the our Association to arrange the method of payment of the membership fee.
* - Optional item