Membership of the Civil association

  1. A membership in the Association is open for:
    1. individuals older than 18 years,
    2. legal persons if they agree with the Statute and internal regulations of the Civil association.
  2. Precondition for becoming a member is in the Association is filling in the electronic form on the website of the Association accepting this Statute and the internal regulations of the association or filing the formular in writing in paper form and personally submitting the appropriate application.
  3. There is no legal obligatio to admit anybody in the Association. Within the period of 5 (five) working days the Executive Director has the right to refuse an application for admission, which fact shall be notified the applicant by e-mail or in writing to the postal address.
  4. The Executive Director may, on application existing regular Member, decide to suspend the membership of an another regular member of the association. Executive Director so decides especially if the member seriously violated this Statute or other internal regulations of the association.
  5. Termination of membership in Civil associations. Membership of the Civil association is terminated by:
    1. death or declaring dead,
    2. dissolution of the legal person without a legal successor,
    3. resignation of members of the association (by giving written notice of withdrawal member that will be delivered to the Executive Director),
    4. exclusion of a member from the Association (by a decision of the Executive Director) if the member repeatedly, despite written notice, violates the Statute of Association or other internal regulations of the Association, or otherwise negatively affects activities of the Association; proposal for exclusion is presented to the Executive director by of one of the founders,
    5. dissolution of the Association,
    6. Failure with payment in time of the membership fee, even though the additional period for the payment of the membership fee was provided to a member. The period for additional fulfillment of the obligation shall not be less than 15 days from the date of delivery of payment request.

The rights and obligations of members

  1. The association has members of the following categories:
    1. Founder
    2. Regular member
  2. The founder has all the rights and obligations of a regular member. If this Statute mention a full member, the appropriate norms also cover a founder.
  3. Only the founders have the right to participate in the general meeting and cast their vote.
  4. A regular member has the right to:
    1. participate in the general meeting and cast their vote on the basis of written consent of the founders,
    2. to participate in the Civil Association,
    3. elect and be elected to the bodies of the Civil Association and the written consent of all the founders,
    4. submit proposals, suggestions, complaints and requests to the authorities of the Civil association,
    5. be informed about the decisions of the Civil association and upcoming activities.
  5. A regular member has the following obligations:
    1. to respect laws and other generally binding legal regulations of the Slovak Republic, the Statute of Association and other internal regulations of the association,
    2. participate according to their possibilities on the activities of the association,
    3. actively defend the interests of the association,
    4. pay membership fees, the membership fee is deemed paid on the date of crediting the account of the association,
    5. to refrain from acts that would be contrary to the interests of the association.
  6. If a regular member of the association suspended from membership in the Association by a decision of the Executive Director, he is not entitled to exercise the rights of a member under this Statute.
  7. In the case of adoption of the relevant decision by the Executive Director, there will be made available and / or provided services to a regular member to the extent specified by internal regulations of the Association for individual subcategories. Including a full member into subcategories pursuant to the preceding sentence of this paragraph shall not affect rights rights of a full member referred to in point 4 letter a) to d) of this Article.