General Informatization Society

Mission and goals

The mission of the Society is to promote the various scientific values, community involvement, promotion of cooperation between public and citizens (both inside the EU and outside the EU) on the development of financial and information systems and events, mutual interpersonal solidarity and finding constructive alternatives of community cooperation with emphasis on the use and presentation of financial analytical data from the international market for each of Society member, in full respect of the laws and legislation of the Slovak Republic.

The aim of the Society is mainly to contribute to the establishment of a transparent and effective system of interaction between experts in the field of e-commerce, stock exchange specialists and those who are interested to raise awareness, to contribute to the involvement of investment from public and private sources to the information and communication technologies (ICT) , exchange of information regarding the situation on international and national exchanges and trading systems, which will bring high added value for users, with the Society follows the basic tasks:

  • information, training its members and expert oversight of ICT investment from public and private funds,
  • promoting changes in the system of ICT in terms of learning objectives,
  • creating and designing solutions with high added value for users,
  • providing access to its members for information from various sources, including international stock market information and access to a system of communication between members and trading systems,
  • improving the quality of professional qualification of their members and their awareness of the latest trends on the financial markets.