We perform strategic activities within our GISion, which is in line with program objectives and the objectives of a global group of experts in finance and marketing in international markets. In particular:

  1. Collect and promote best proven experience (best practice) in FAITS,
  2. Provides information on FAITS in different languages,
  3. Promote professionalism of experts, spreading awareness of FAITS,
  4. Organize training seminars (including through electronic forms - webinars, Skype seminars, etc.) to the public, in particular the management companies, public sector representatives, university students, etc.,
  5. Provide for the organization of conferences, debates and other educational activities,
  6. Standardization and publications in the field of FAITS (including translation and distribution of documents),
  7. Maintaining of the oortal operated on as an information source for FAITS the Slovak / English / German and Russian Internet sectors,
  8. Seminars, workshops and technical conferences,
  9. Cooperation with professional Associations and standardization authorities,
  10. Project, program and other support activities in FAITS at national and international level,
  11. Cooperation with academic and educational institutions in the training of specialists FAITS,
  12. Laying the task of popularizing FAITS, facilitate the establishment of new specialized subjects, practical experience of carrying FINTECH industry in academical society.