Our activities

I. The development of financial literacy members.

if you are even a beginner or already an experienced practitioner, working with information from international financial and stock markets, we provide various types of specialized software, which is aimed at regularly providing the right data on the state of international and national trade, questions and answers to the informational problems, connected with integration in the existing trading systems in the world.

We provide information on financial analysis through IT software (hereinafter also - FAITS) in Slovak, English and later in German. We are picking and promoting best proven experience (best practice) in FAITS.

II. Support members - legal entities

We want such financial IT infrastructure, which the company believes that it makes sense to use on a daily basis for their various purposes, to seek the best solutions and believe in fair business environment, non-discrimination and equal opportunities. GIS fair offers all due companies that are involved in international trading, membership.

To companies, which have a sincere interest in delivering better outcomes, we can provide expert advice on projects, orientating in the relevant processes, legislation, and integration and our know-how with regard to access to information.

Our goal - to be a driving force for corporate members in improving the performance of services FAITS inside the company.

III. Research and development in the FAITS

Do you have ideas to improve e-services for citizens of our software? For example, in terms of technical solutions, process relevant additional data and indexes? You have even more ideas for improvements that fit into the overall GISion General Informatization Society (GIS) for better financial information?

We carry out monitoring, surveys and polls in the field of FAITS, adding to our activities world-known experts in the field of IT and finance, so that our members have the latest information in the most usable form.

We are communicating and cooperating with government entities in the field of improving financial-information laws and informatisation of society in Slovakia and the EU.

IV. Communication between the professionals

  • provide members with relevant forum for sharing information and experiences with each other,
  • establish contacts with other actors interest in FAITS,
  • We support the reduction of risk in trading on international financial markets and protected by a system of exchange of information between members.